Hunab Ku - Trilogy

Grace Cathedral, SF, CA


Hunab Ku - Hollywood 2008

2012 Conference

Ricardo Montelbon Theater

Hunab Ku Trilogy • Kuxan Suum

The story of Dwight's connection to the "orgon-ic energy" of the Hunab Ku - cosmologically, the center of the universe, where all vibrations originate, and the pulse of creation, evolution and consciousness converge in a symphony of waves, frequencies, elemental energy and even wider perceptions of the worlds around us.

Hunab Ku the Trilogy, began its formation in Dwight's mind and ear and into what evolved into a trilogy of compositional electro-acoustic music in performances in Santa Fe, NM, New York City, NY, Brooklyn, NY and as well as Grace Cathedral (2005), San Francisco, Berkeley Arts Center, Ojai Spirit Gallery, 2012 Conference-Hollywood (2008), Theosophic Society, (3C Arts) Hollywood, CA (2007).

"Kuxan Suum", the second long composition based on the Mayan cosmology of time/space continuum was conceived and composed in 2008 for a performance at the 2012 San Francisco Conference at the Fort Mason Convention Center on October 31, 2008. "Kuxan Suum" was performed with the visual artistry of Todd Stock, and his creation "Paradise 2012."

Dwight Loop (DL) - electronics, Lynn Augstein (LA) - design, lighting.

DL - Hunab Ku video mix and digital manipulation of the light art of LA.