Electronic Music Composer and Media Producer Dwight Loop

Dwight Loop has spent a lifetime involved in the promotion and performing of electronic music both in professional radio and composing for film, TV (LinkTV's "Global Spirit" and stage as well as a life-time as a radio host of Earwaves and other public and non-public electronic, new music and ambient music channels. He has founded non-profit new music organizations New Music New Mexico (1981-1994) and Rubicon Arts (2009-Present).

2013 News UPDATE

Dwight is currently programming a new streaming music channel on SomaFM.com (Earwaves) in San Francisco and living in Santa Fe, NN. Earwaves features new and experimental music from around the world, including electronic, electro-acoustic, experimental, spoken word, performance art and contemporary classical.

Dwight's musical compositions recently include a 25-minute original piece for Light Artist: Lynn Augstein's upcoming "Helios" DVD (which also features the music of Steve Roach and David Parsons. Release date: November 2013.

Dwight will be performing at the University of New Mexico's Keller Hall in a tribute to honor the restoration of the second Moog Synthesizer ever produced by Bob Moog for J.D. Robb on October 6, 2013 in Albuquerque.

Earwaves announces a Grand Opening SomaFM Earwaves Launch Party! October 19th, 2013 at Lumenscape Studio in Budaghers, NM. Details coming soon! See Link to the Earwaves site above.


  • Experiental cello and electronics from Santa Fe's Michael Kott, cellist and Dwight Loop, electronics. Recorded in 2010 and released on Third Ear Music.